In 2013 Ella was entered entered into a competition with Key 103 radio station in Manchester.

Ella made it to the chosen ten who got to sing to a panel of judges at the new Future Skills building in Media City.

That night the final ten left not knowing who made it to the final four, the contestants had to wait a couple of days until the final four was announced live on Radio.

At this time Ella was just finishing school and finishing her GCSE exams so she had a lot going on. The day arrived and the final four where announced. Ella made it and she was over the moon but at this point she didn’t know what the winner actually won, as her mum had entered her into the competition. As soon as Ella found out she worked so hard to gain votes to raise money for ‘Cash for kids’ but also to win her the chance to perform at the Manchester Arena.

Announcement day came and Ella and friends waited nervously, the radio was on full blast and everyone had their fingers crossed for Ella. She had worked so hard and so many people had given her unbelievable support that she didn’t want to let them down. Finally Ella’s name was announced live on radio over the phone to Ella, she screamed like a little girl but was over the moon that all the work she did paid off.

Ella worked hard for a solid three weeks up to the performance day. She was training with her singing coach along with a personal trainer to keep her stamina up for her performance. Ella worked on two songs with a DJ from Rock Fm called Wez Priceless, ‘Feeling good’ by Nina Simone and ‘Hometown’ by Adele. He mixed the two songs for Ella’s liking and she was able to write her own lyrics over and make the songs her own. Ella put her all into training for performance day, she doesn’t like to perform unless she knows she has given 100% and she hates to let people down.

Performance day arrived and Ella and family were all very excited. Her best friend traveled over from Canada to support her and family and friends came from all over to be there for one of Ella’s biggest performances of her journey so far. Ella met the acts back stage and was treated the same as all the big label acts, she said she ‘felt like a super star and never wanted it to end’. A member of Key 103 came to Ella’s dressing room as said it was her stage time.


The nerves rushed around Ella’s body and she was excited but totally ready to face the crowd. Ella went on stage and rocked her stuff, she came off stage to see her mum and had the biggest smile on her face. ‘Now that is something to aim for’ she said and ‘never wanted it to end’. All her hard work paid off and with the hundreds of tweets she received after she was overwhelmed and filled with joy.

‘The greatest experience of my life, but this is only just the beginning’ – Ella Shaw.