Oh my Gosh what an experience. BGT 2015.

Britains Got Talent - Ella Shaw

I have had the most amazing response and I can’t thank you all enough for your support.

It really does prove that hard work pays off and I hope I’ve inspired people to follow their dreams already.

I appeared on ITV Loraine on Monday 11th May and my story continues to beĀ over the papers, it really is a dream and it’s only just begun. I know everything about my alopecia has come up but I want you all to see it as a positive thing, I made something so sad turn into something amazing. I hope that people can be inspired and believe me when I say if you work hard enough for something it’ll work out in the end. My BGT experience is now over but I vow to keep going and never give up on my dream.

I can’t write this without giving a shout out to my wonderful family and friends. WOW I could not ask for better support, you are all the ground behind me and I couldn’t do it without you. I am also happy to say I now have a new family, my fans ‘SHAWIES’. You have all been incredible and I will treasure each and every one of you throughout my journey hoping you’ll always be right there behind me. I really hope this is my time and I promise I’m going to work dam hard to try and get there.

All my love. Ella Shaw x

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